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XXX automotive components co., LTD., founded in 2000, August 28, in order to improve the localization rate of the vehicle, the company seize guangzhou automobile industry good development opportunities, successively with the international well-known companies - Tokyo seats, denso, bridgestone, Toyota textile, Lin Tianlian cloth, Stan ray, showa, trilobites, palmer card, companies such as Toyota tsusho joint venture cooperation, formed a dozen auto parts production enterprises.

In September 2005, XXX automotive components co., LTD., completed the shareholding system reform, the new guangzhou automobile group component co., LTD. Has become a sino-foreign joint venture company, the shareholders are respectively 51% owned by XXX automobile group co., LTD., which is 49% owned by Hong Kong denway motors co., LTD., wholly owned by jun li & fung development co., LTD.

XXX automotive components co., LTD., investment company mainly produces automobile air conditioner, chairs, lamps and lanterns, door trim board, carpet, insulation parts, springs, aluminum solution, aluminum wheels, shock absorber, steering, electrical products, such as preliminary formed the interior system and heat exchange system, lighting system, chassis parts series, the production of many varieties. XXX automotive components co., LTD. The main products supply guangzhou Honda, guangzhou Toyota, dongfeng Honda (wuhan), dongfeng nissan passenger cars, hainan Mazda and other oems, some products exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, southeast Asia and other countries and regions. At present, the company has developed into a more domestic scale and influence of auto parts enterprises, won the 2007 China auto parts enterprises of fifth, 2008, the 44th top 500 China machinery industry competitiveness, in 2009 China machinery industry competitiveness the 40th. Top 500 on August 7, 2013, "2013 China machinery top 500" (11th) studies conference held in Beijing. Guangzhou auto parts ranked up 1, 2012, 33 music on the charts. Guangzhou auto parts run since 2007, since China is mechanical 500 ranking is rising, from 2007 to 2012, ranking followed by 49, 44, 40, 39, 36 and 34. Reflects the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of gac components in constant enhancement.

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